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The Discourse of Governance

Text Category: Immigrant Integration Policies in The Netherlands

Research projects:

Research project 2017/2018: Negotiating migrants Identities : from policy narratives to lived experiences ( joint contribution ERIMIS- UAC)The 4th ESTIDIA International Conference ,Sofia, Bulgaria, 29-30 September, 2017

Conference Paper/D. Rem- 2017 : Shifting frames and deconstructing meanings. From National identity to identification with the Netherlands’ The 4th ESTIDIA International Conference ,Sofia, Bulgaria, 29-30 September, 2017.


Research project 2016/2017 . Citizens and Citizenship. The rhetoric of Dutch Immigrants Integration Policy, a joint contribution ERIMIS ( ISS-EUR), finalized with two Conference Papers presented by D. Rem(ERIMIS) and D. Gasper (ISS-Erasmus) at:

The 1st International Conference ‘Europe in Discourse. Identity, Diversity, Borders’, Hellenic American University, Athens, 21-23 September, 2016

The 14th international conference in Interpretive Policy Analysis :Activism, Populism and the future of the democratic State, De Montfort University, Leicester, 2017

Research project 2014/2015:Migrants as active citizens: between assimilation and exclusion. An analysis of the new trend in immigration policies in The Netherlands, Abstract proposal submission D.Rem (ERIMIS), the 22nd Conference of Europeanist, Paris, 2015

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Estidia 2017 Rem Abstract WRR Report

Estidia WS 2017 Rem Negotiating migrants identities from policy narrative to lived experiences


REM-GASPER-Abstract-for-IPA-2017 (3)


2014 mig res ERIMIS

Europe in Discourse 2016

Book_of_AbstractsCES Paper 2015,RemCitizens-and-citizenship.The-rethoric-of-Dutch-immigrant-integration-policies.Rem-Gasper-2Citizens-and-citizenship.The-rethoric-of-Dutch-immigrant-integration-policies.Rem-Gasper-2REM-GASPER-Abstract-for-IPA-2017 (3)