European Research Initiative for Critical Migration Studies

ERIMIS is an Independent Research Unit founded in 2014, in The Netherlands, targeting Eastern European migrants as primary, though not exclusive focus.


To promote a reflective attitude as imperative response to the unfavorable discourse promoted in the Old [EU] Member States, against migrants and migration from the Eastern Europe.

ERIMIS ambition

To try to connect independent researchers, policy makers and practitioners – especially with a migrant background, preferably in mixed teams- in order to draw in relevant understandings and make the policy design and implementation more realistic and appropriate.

ERIMIS justification

– The teams of professional organizations working for migrants are very largely formed by representatives of the host countries, whilst the right mix would give a richer and more realistic insight, a ‘balanced power’ and better results.

– In many cases the discourse promoted by media, politics and sometimes by scholars who work for advisory boards at the local level reproduces the present distribution of power, promoting the currently dominant governance discourses and legitimizing the existing local [governmental] practices, in which migrants are framed as problems who must be controlled in marginalized positions rather than as opportunities to be addressed /re-framed in terms of inclusion.

– The effect of research results in practice is often invisible. Research remains locked-in, academically introverted, concerned with mediating popularized results only to its own traditional audience.

Connecting researchers better with policy makers, practitioners and migrant workers, including in mixed teams, is very desirable and it happens too little.

ERIMIS coordination

The activity of this Research Unit is coordinated by Mrs. Dana Rem, social scientist with more than 20 years’ work experience in international projects, human rights and social justice, research and academia, with content knowledge in policy analysis, criminology, discourse analysis and the rhetoric of the political discourse.

By starting up such an initiative, we intend to develop a frame for innovative thinking , productive exchange of knowledge and practices to be disseminated among the leaders in governance, practitioners, policy makers and academia, with the intention of doing what is mutually benefiting for migrants and nationals from the host countries.

We would highly value any contribution to and advice for putting in practice any valuable ideas, and we are open to similar research initiatives, where competences in policy analysis and discourse studies would be especially valued and where the principles of inclusion and diversity are highly acknowledged.